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Techno Imagine

A leading Website Development Company

Techno Imagine is a strategized IT platform offering comprehensive range of software solutions that helps you fortify your marketing needs. We are all about creating unrivalled marketing solutions for agencies and businesses that look forward to taking the lead on the internet streamlines. Be it Digital Marketing or Graphic Designing, Digital Branding or Web Design, Internet Design & Website Development, Techno Imagine knows how to leverage incremental conversions for your digital targets.

Our Web Design Service

Hotel Website
Hotel Website

Starting from ₹ 11,999/- *

Here are some of our clients
Travel Website
Travel Website

Starting from ₹ 12,999/- *

Here are some of our clients
School Website
School Website

Starting from ₹ 15,999/- *

Here are some of our clients
Auto Mobile
Auto Mobile

Starting from ₹ 14,999/- *

Here are some of our clients
Corporate Website
Corporate Website

Starting from ₹ 24,999/- *

Here are some of our clients

Starting from ₹ 25,999/- *

Here are some of our clients


Techno Imagine is a leading name in providing the great Website Design service in Siliguri and Sikkim. We feel pleasure to present the list of our satisfied customers who have trusted in our services over the past serval years.

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Why Built a Website with Techno Imagine?

  • Design UX that Develops Apps to Meet Your Clientele Needs

    When top businesses are taking a digital leap, investing in apps to generate maximum sales becomes crucial.

  • Enterprise-grade Development that Maximizes Transparency

    Techno Imagine offers some of the word class enterprise-grade products that integrate into a virtual infrastructure with minimum complexity while maximizing quality, transparency and reliability.

  • Reinforces a Tested Process that Guarantees Customer Success

    Techno Imagine rives your business by tapping into an unsurpassed peer network through transforming solutions. We help you claim your role, master it and guarantee your success at every stage.

Frequently asked Questions

What quality do you guarantee with the website developed?

We have worked and developed several websites for our clients and through years of experience in this and have a skilled team, we can assure you of the best quality website for your business. Also during the process of website building, we update regularly with the drafts and make revisions according to the client’s preferences resulting in greater satisfaction with the end result. Kindly note that the drafts of the website developed till the completion of the final product are still owned by Techno Imagine company and it does not authorize the use of it in the public domain.

What are all the services that I can get at Techno Imagine?

Along with the complete designing of a website, we also provide our clients with services such as website maintenance, web hosting, domain registration, search engine optimization (SEO), content for websites, graphic designing, and digital marketing. A client may find us as a ‘one-stop shop’ for their online business.

How user-friendly will my website be?

With the technological revolution and a large chunk of the population setting foot on digital platforms, it becomes necessary for the website to become friendly to use for both the visitor as well as the operator. Thus keeping this in mind we focus majorly on building the website in such a fashion that it produces no issue regarding the usage of the website. Simple yet effective layout and designs are what we see as the answer for the websites to be user-friendly.

Will I have to host my website with Techno Imagine itself?

No, you don’t have to mandatorily host your website with us. However, we do recommend to all our clients to host their websites with us since it smoothens the maintenance procedure and for any future work. Optionally clients may host their websites personally. We provide our service in both situations of hosting nonetheless.

How long is the completion period of the website?

While the complete designing and building of the website and its completion time depending on various factors, we still work towards its completion in the earliest period. The content creation for the website such as content writing, graphic designing, and logo designing may lengthen the period depending on their individual needs however if they are provided by the client itself, the time period may shorten considerably. To upkeep the quality and the value that you will receive from the website, we take the minimum required time needed for its completion.

Can I also set up my online store on my website?

Yes, you can set up an online store on your websites as preferred. Our website developers are well skilled in setting up the best online store for our clients. Our team will also consult you regarding the content to be put public on the online store.

Will I get future technical support for my website after initial completion?

Yes, we do provide technical support for all the websites developed even in future time periods at minimal service charges. You can contact our customer care member for any kind of support and we will be happy enough to connect with you back.

How will I send my content to the team that I want to put on my website?

We accept all kinds of content that the client wants to provide to be put on the website. The client may send us the website content through any electronic form and other digital sources.

Will my website work and appear the same on all devices?

Yes, our developers develop the website in such a fashion that it is compatible with all devices. A large proportion of today’s active internet users are either on mobiles or desktops thus through responsive design we make it a must for the websites to work on all devices such as mobiles, desktops, laptops, tablets. However, the appearance of the website may differ a little due to different web browsers, screen resolutions settings, and individual device settings.

Can I get my existing website updated?

Surely, we just don’t develop new websites but also update already developed websites and make the needed changes as preferred by the client.

Will my website ranking improve on search engines?

Our skilled team does ensure that our thorough work will surely improve the rankings of the website and will reflect in the results produced. Though not guaranteeing any particular rankings, we can assure of the better performance of the website in search engine optimization results. Our team will be in continuous contact with your team regarding the SEO results and will take full responsibility for the results.

Is all work done virtually or will I have to visit the office?

We are fully equipped to provide all our services through digital sources. You can contact us through email or phone, and our team will be in constant contact to ensure your preference and suggestions are implemented in the product.

Emerging website designer and developer in Siliguri and Sikkim

Every coming day is increasing the crowd of consumers as well as entrepreneurs on the internet, with everyone trying to get a better deal out of their time. This implies that a consumer wants to take the best for the money while the entrepreneur wants to give the best for the money.

Here at Techno Imagine, we are partnering with entrepreneurs who are at the step of expanding into the digital world and want to serve their clients with the best that they have through their online platform. With our main office in Siliguri, West Bengal we are operational to serve our clients from pan India, focussing majorly on our hometown Siliguri as well as the adjoining areas of Darjeeling, Guwahati, and clients from Sikkim.

Now having years of experience in website development, digital marketing, software development, search engine optimization, graphic designing, and content creation, we have developed a core team of efficient and proficiently skilled members. We have served a various range of businesses, providing them the problem-oriented solutions with complete transparency and professionalism.
Techno Imagine is working towards transforming the digital world, into an easier and simpler version to navigate and operate, for business owners who want to fully utilize the platform of the internet to scale their own businesses.

Some terminologies to know about

Website designing and development:

Hosting: Hosting is when a hosting provider allocates a place to your website on their server for your website to be available to the public to be viewed online. The contents on the website such as the HTML, CSS, images, and videos need to be housed on a server to be available online.
In nutshell, hosting also known as web hosting or website hosting is renting/buying a space and displaying your website on the internet to the online public. Hosting is of different types with the main ones being shared, dedicated, VPS, and the reseller.

Server: A server is computer software that connects your website to the internet. It basically is accepting and responding to requests made to your website, and on the other hand, the one making and receiving the response from your server is called clients.

Domain: Remember hosting? A place that you rented/bought a place for your website, so a domain name is the address of that place. Any person who wants to visit your website has to put your domain name into the search bar and tadaa! It’s your website that opens. A thing to remember here is that along with website hosting which is the place, you will also have to buy the domain name for your website which is the address and doesn’t come along with hosting.

Back End: Considering your website to be a stage of performance, this is the behind-the-scenes or the green room where all preparations such as the coding, layout styling, and plugin work are done. For your front end to look best, here’s where the developers and the coders work hard.

Front End: Now the coders and developers do their work in the back end but that’s not what the visitors on your website see, what they see is the front end, the stage. Every single activity done in the back end reflects here just in a more presentable and different fashion.

Page Template: As a stage is planned of where the lightings and speakers will go, in a much similar way template of your website determines where which information will be placed on your website. Many websites which look much or less similar use the same template whereas websites that look very different use out of the ordinary templates. Templates can improve the user-friendly experience of your website and thus it is important to choose them wisely.

User Interface (UI):User Interface indicates the visual elements that will go into your website or app, such as images and videos. UI plays a major role in the User Experience function.

User Experience (UX):User Experience is the experience that a visitor has while visiting your website. The better the experience of the visitor while they are on your website, the better chances of your website to perform well. UX is a collective result of various efforts that you put into your website from hosting to template layout. And as said above, UI plays important role in giving the visitor a good experience.

Digital Marketing:

Target Marketing:This type of marketing involves breaking a bigger market into segments of different markets so as to specifically target a particular audience depending on your product and service offering to the needs and desires of the customer. The key benefit of target marketing is that it brings in more results with less spending from your end thus making it cost effective than traditional ways of marketing. The market of consumers is segmented on various factors such as age, gender, income level, place, occupation, education, marital status, religion, etc.

Keyword Advertising:It is a method of advertising on search engine platforms using a keyword that is relevant to the product or service that you are offering in the market. As an example, if your product category is home appliances then people searching for fridge and mixer grinders should probably be targeted to get better results and become specific market oriented. It is important to use highly relevant keywords when running ads so as to increase the traffic as well as making your online campaign cost-effective.

Website Traffic:When people as visitors visit your website, then the inflow of web users is referred to as website traffic. It is one most common and important ways of measuring your website’s performance. The more traffic that your website generates, the more the probability of turning them into buyers of your product or service. Target marketing and keyword advertising play important role in increasing the traffic on the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):The practice to increase both the quality and quantity of the traffic that a website receives is called search engine optimization. The digital market is much similar to the traditional market with real people consuming your product or service behind the digital screen. So to improve the business, it’s important to understand what exactly does your customer is searching for and how in the best manner can you serve his needs.
The words that the people are searching for, the type of content that they are consuming, the products they are looking to buy, everything is considered when the website is being optimized for the search engine. Also to note, if to know what exactly your target consumer is looking for is one side of search engine optimization, then how efficiently and easily your audience can get access to your product and service is the other side of it.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA):Cost Per Acquisition is a metric that measures the total cost that the advertiser has incurred to acquire a single paying customer online. Usually tied to a particular marketing campaign or run, cost per acquisition gives direction towards becoming cost effective as it tracks the success of the marketing steps.